Founder, Dr Karen Williams features in Webinar – ANROWS: Working with Women who have experienced complex trauma

Please take the time and space to listen to this amazing webinar orchestrated by ANROWS.Comprised of an awesome expert panel on working with women with complex trauma.Our own Dr Karen Williams was part of the discussion. Outcome of a study and suggestions on framework/model of care for best practice For me, some take home messages;

-Putting the onus on society (governments/legislation/law enforcement/policy/health expenditure) as whole to help transform women’s lives by actually providing reparative services and by protecting women from crime and abuse and thereby helping to safeguard future generations

-Recognising the very strong link between a mutually respectful therapeutic alliance/relationship in the healing process of a survivor with complex trauma which should not be expected to follow a linear trajectory

-Developing an holistic service that reduces the need for fragmented care for survivors with complex needs.

The YouTube recording of the webinar is available here.