A Coercive Control enquiry and a media spree – a busy week for DAVTW

It has been a busy week for DAVTW. In conjunction with Labor’s Anna Watson MP, Stella Award winning journalist, Jess Hill, Women’s Safety’s Hayley Foster, among others, DAVTW’s Dr Karen Williams and Dr Nithya Reddy launched a campaign with Are media, calling for the criminalisation of coercive control in NSW and vowing to use their platforms to educate the community about this issue. Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Mark Speakman MP, was paying attention. On Tuesday he announced that the government would hold an inquiry into the criminalisation of coercive control.

Highlights from the week:
Dr Nithya Reddy speaking with Luke Grant on Tafio today about her involvement in pushing for CC legislation

The transcript of Jess Hill’s speech on Monday 12th Oct at the launch of the campaign to criminalise coercive control

SMH coverage of the campaign

Article by Marie Claire, who are part of the Are media group

Please sign Are media’s petition

The issue received an unprecedented depth of coverage in NSW, from major newspapers, to local publications and magazines. The hope is that widespread coverage will reach more of our population and build support for the campaign. Examples of coverage in the media last week:

In Media Week

Victor Harbour Times

The New Daily

Women’s Agenda