Our Mission

We are a group of 700 plus doctors from across Australia and New Zealand, coming together from a range of specialities. We number many psychiatrists and GPs, surgeons, paediatricians and other
more. We all share a commitment to combating domestic abuse against women in all forms (physical violence, emotional and financial abuse, coercive control and more). And we exist to address and prevent the diseases domestic violence causes – its sequelae.

As doctors, many of us see victims, perpetrators and their children in our daily practice.
Thus, one of our main activities is sharing our experiences, confidentially, to enhance evidence based care providation for patients suffering from illness. If you are a medical professional, we encourage you to join our ranks and help us prevent, and treat domestic violences’ sequelae. We are currently in the process of creating a list of resources and providers who provide trauma informed care. If you are, or know of a doctor who is, interested in assisting women and children affected by domestic violence, do fill in the form below, and we will reach out to you asking for further information.

We also provide direct support to patients via our doctor network, through grants, and programs dedicated to combating domestic violence sequelae. These supports are provided regularly. Even if you are a patient, we encourage you to bring these to the attention of your doctors so we can help them help you.