Doctors Against Violence Towards Women

What we've advocated for and accomplished.

Improving public health through health promotion and political, and legislative involvement.

A world first DV Trauma Hospital

Helping up to 350 women per year to free themselves of PTSD associated with domestic violence.
You may qualify to be treated here. Find out more here.

The Illawarra trauma recovery centre

$25million committed by government to create a 1-stop-shop for victims of domestic violence

Coercive control

Our advocacy helped criminalise it in NSW! Learn more about coercive control and why this is important to challenge here.

NSW Parliament coercive control statement

Watch our chairperson, Dr Karen Williams, powerfully address NSW parliament in helping form a bill which criminilizes coercive control.

Misdiagnosing DV survivors with mental illnesses.

This may jeopardise their care, lead to issues in court, and more. Click "Join" above to learn how to recognise and treat intimate partner violence properly. Learn more below.

Child abusers get custody of children.

We use the case of a convicted child offender getting custody of children to illustrate how children are put in harm's way by current legal systems.

Women only trauma recovery centre - interview

Listen to an interview of our chairperson and leader, Dr Karen Williams, on how this will change the landscape of trauma care - and why EVERYONE needs access to this.

Why Doctors and GP are KEY to DV care.

Read an emotive plea from Doctors Against Violence highlighting examples of how DV is missed routinely in medical care, and why the government needs to fund frontline workers to minimise DV.

A woman who was abused labelled mentally ill.

This is just one example of how misdiagnosis leads to harm.